John Moeller

Wine Brands


Wine Brands

Selected Works Vol. 1 and 2

We turned the bottle over to a few interesting artists to use as a canvas for unique artworks using 360 screen printing. Each vintage is a new edition. A partnership with Tappan Collective, art by Luke Chiswell (Vol. 1) and Daniel Fletcher (Vol. 2).

Wall of Sound

We wanted a rich, colorful label that would pop off the shelf for this loud, symphonic red blend. Art by Adrian Johnson, Design by Yoshié Hozumi.


High end Santa Barbara county wine with a modern edge, poured in pricey restaurants. “A diviner sees the future and makes it true. Our truth lies in the unique terroir of Santa Barbara County.” Art by Hunter Patrick, naming and copy by Meredith Chamberlain.


For Winc’s monthly membership we created a series called #TBT curated from Winc’s members through Instagram, and showing up in their boxes a month later.

Rogue Admirals

Farmed in a remote edge of Australia dubbed locally as the “Shipwreck Coast,” this wine salutes all the imaginary admirals who went rogue and crash landed in the area. Design by Fred L’Ami, face tattoos by Yoshié Hozumi.