John Moeller

Winc: Branded Content


Winc: Branded Content

Problem: Winc, the largest direct-to-consumer wine company in the US, had the potential to disrupt the wine space, but didn’t stand out from the crowd of subscription services and wine clubs. In addition to their e-commerce subscription service, they owned IP for over 50 unique wine brands they produced by hand. With so much going on, they struggled for what story they wanted to tell consumers.

Solution: Wine companies all do pretty much all the same thing: talk about how great they are. I worked with Winc’s CEO and CMO to flip that, and make Winc a brand about the people who drink the wine and what it does in their lives. We created the platform “Cheers, Delivered” — focusing on the customer and their enjoyment, and developed a playful but direct brand identity and voice. I built an in-house creative team for Winc, and each month Winc launched special content, brand partnerships, and projects that engaged their audience in direct conversation — such as #TBT, a wine brand curated from Winc’s members through Instagram and showing up in their boxes a month later. Content connected timely conversations across marketing, social, email, e-commerce, and in-box touch points.

Results: We established a rich and entertaining brand world for Winc that has made them a leader in the e-commerce wine space and has earned them a devoted audience who love the Winc experience.