John Moeller

Winc: Cheers, Delivered


Winc: Cheers, Delivered

Winc, established in 2012, had built a streamlined e-commerce subscription model offering custom curated shipments and super fast delivery. But by 2016, they faced numerous challenges: flat growth in membership, lost market recognition due to a recent renaming/rebranding, rising advertising costs on their best channels, a marketplace littered with competing subscription services, and the shadow of Amazon/Whole Foods as they moved toward wine delivery. They had the potential to disrupt the wine space, but as a brand didn’t stand for anything.

Wine companies all do pretty much all the same thing: talk about how great they are. We decided to flip that, and make Winc a brand all about the people who drink the wine and what it does in their lives. This became our internal brand ethos and inspired the campaign “Cheers, Delivered,” highlighting the moments of enjoyment and discovery around wine picked for you magically showing up at your doorstep. We established a direct, bold, playful visual identity and tone to amplify “Cheers, Delivered,” and extended the idea to every aspect of Winc’s marketing, content, digital and physical experience. To introduce “Cheers, Delivered” to the in-box experience, we created the free monthly Winc Journal as a platform to help people enjoy wine more through great content and beautiful design, produced in collaboration with writers and artists around the world. We engaged with Winc’s audience on social channels and in the Journal to reflect back the community and show the diverse ways people use and enjoy Winc. In parallel, I collaborated across teams to continuously infuse the “Cheers, Delivered” message into every brand touchpoint, optimizing conversion and e-commerce and creating iterative marketing campaigns including videos, podcast scripts, and influencer marketing that connected back to the brand idea.

Our work impacted every part of the brand from ad to website to packaging, establishing an engaging, connected experience. As a result, Winc became a household name in 2017, and a leader in the subscription e-commerce space for wine.