John Moeller

Uniqlo: LifeWear


Uniqlo: LifeWear

Uniqlo had great product – high quality, low-cost apparel available in every color — but with a marketing focus on innovation and high tech fabrics, the brand was seen as robotic and inhuman and wasn’t resonating with consumers outside of Japan.

Seeking to humanize the brand, Uniqlo adopted the new tagline “LifeWear: Simple Made Better” and brought John Jay of Wieden+Kennedy on as creative leadership. In collaboration with Jay, we created a cross-channel content marketing campaign around LifeWear, which focused on bringing their products to life through the stories of real people who use Uniqlo, from explorers to artists to fashion influencers. We designed a seasonal LifeWear print magazine free in Uniqlo stores, and the stories provided material for their advertising, e-commerce, catalogs, and digital content.

The LifeWear campaign brought a new warmth and humanity to the brand and continues to this day. In 2015 Uniqlo’s overseas revenue increased 45%, and has risen steadily since then.

Art Direction & Strategy. Agency: MP Creative.

We created a content campaign that humanized Uniqlo's "Simple Made Better" philosophy.