John Moeller

Shinola: Brand Identity + Launch


Shinola: Brand Identity + Launch

Problem: Shinola came to Partners & Spade to create a brand identity and launch campaign as unique as their business model: manufacturing high end watches, leather goods, and bikes in the heart of Detroit and the American midwest.

Solution: We created a brand world and tone for Shinola that’s bold, gritty, and quintessentially American. Driven by content we shot on-site in their factories, we created rich multi-media brand storytelling focused on the humans who make the product. Scope of project encompassed identity, e-commerce website design and content, brand book, OOH launch, NY Times full page manifesto ad, and manufacturing process books that paired with each product.

Results: As Shinola has scaled up and evolved, this foundational work has endured as the core of their brand DNA.

Design + Art Direction. Agency: Partners & Spade