John Moeller

Persol: Interactive Story


Persol: Interactive Story

Problem: To launch their latest product, a remix of classic sunglasses originally made famous by movie stars in the 60s, Persol wanted to create a social campaign that pushed the boundaries of interactive content.

Solution: Taking inspiration from the brand’s heritage but adding a modern spin, we created a real-time interactive graphic novel for Instagram inspired by vintage cinema but set in the future. The storyline was partly scripted and partly crowd-sourced: at the conclusion of each chapter, the audience could vote for the hero’s next move. To create the visuals for our storyline, we partnered with artist Jonathan Bartlett to illustrate in real-time.

Results: The project saw great engagement and exceeded their goals for brand impressions. The campaign was featured in Adweek as their Ad of the Day and won a W3 award for Best Social Promotion.

Creative Direction. Agency: Kettle