John Moeller

Persol: Instagram Real-time Campaign


Persol: Instagram Real-time Campaign

Problem: Persol wanted to push the boundaries of interactive content with a social campaign to celebrate the re-release of classic 649 model sunglasses originally made famous by movie stars in the 50s. They had already created a film-noir inspired photo campaign, and wanted to activate around their brand tagline “Meet the New Generation.”

Solution: We took inspiration from the brand’s cinematic heritage as well as the rise of episodic podcasts like Serial to create the concept for a real-time graphic novel that would unfold across Persol’s social channels over several weeks. The storyline focused around a sleek near-future dystopian scenario grounded in vintage film noir, mirroring their “modernized classic” brand positioning. Each chapter concluded with a cliffhanger where the audience could vote for the hero’s next move, using hacked Instagram tagging functionality to define a crowd-sourced storyline. We partnered with artist Jonathan Bartlett to create the content in real-time.

Results: The campaign resulted in a significant bump in their following and the media buzz exceeded their goals for brand impressions. The campaign was featured in Adweek as their Ad of the Day and won a W3 award for Best Social Promotion.

Creative Direction. Agency: Kettle