John Moeller

Oculus: Integrated Design System


Oculus: Integrated Design System

Problem: The launch of Facebook’s Oculus Go, their first affordable consumer-grade VR headset, was intended to break VR into the mass market. But the timing couldn’t be worse — Facebook faced massive public criticism for negative social and political effects of the platform and data privacy issues.

Solution: To launch Oculus Go, we created the platform Open Your Eyes, building off Facebook’s conviction that VR can be a tool to bring people together by expanding their reality. Open Your Eyes to the world, to new experiences, to VR. And get even closer to the content you love. We needed a design system that could tie everything together meaningfully across their e-commerce, marketing, retail, and popup media needs. And to set Oculus Go apart from cold, recessive, reductive design employed by the competing tech companies in the space, we wanted to push for a mind-expanding design treatment and imagery that could make the viewer feel VR. The final modular design system integrated the Oculus logo seamlessly into a bold but expansive Open Your Eyes lockup that unified a backdrop of constantly shifting, vivid 3D imagery.

Results: The integrated work tied together a highly successful launch. Media across social, paid, and out of home reached millions, tied together by strong cohesive branding. Online commentary around the launch and campaign was positive and enthusiastic.

Design Direction. Agency: Anomaly