John Moeller

Apple Music: Design Strategy


Apple Music: Design Strategy

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When Apple Music launched, they had hundreds of amazing curated playlists across 40 genres and 400 sub-genres, but no discernable system to navigate them. We were tasked with developing a strategy and visual system that could maintain consistency and scale across hundreds of playlists, but be faithful to the culture of the music.

I led the team at Kettle, presenting to Apple leadership in Cupertino each week over two quarters. We did a deep creative explore of strategic concepts, art direction, visual treatments, iconography, CGI, and illustration to create navigational hierarchy and unity. Guided by Apple leadership, we developed a modular visual system, providing solutions for scaling by iconography, typography, and pure art direction that their team could use as a roadmap system to produce playlist artwork in-house.

The work has integrated into the core of their current system and the DNA of the ever-evolving Apple Music product.

Creative Direction. Agency: Kettle