John Moeller

Apple Music: UI Strategy


Apple Music: UI Strategy

Problem: Apple Music’s curated playlists were high quality and comprehensive across genres and trends – but their UI system was so rigid and minimal that navigating through playlists was a clunky and un-intuitive. Apple leadership wanted a visual system that would allow for intuitive browsing reflecting the culture of the music – but fitting within the rigor of Apple UI.

Solution: I led the design team in iterating concepts and visual systems that could give form and color to navigation. In paralell we explored the visual world of music subcultures, seeking a visual strategy that was as authentic to the music but reflected Apple’s brand DNA. We presented weekly to Apple leadership over several phases, and ultimately developed a brand matrix and modular UI design system that could scale with Apple Music.

Results: Our proposals were integrated into Apple Music’s ever-evolving UI. Apple Music’s business continues to grow.

Creative Direction. Agency: Kettle

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